There are many ways to help. Whatever time or skills and experience you can offer, we’ll gratefully fill with a job! Online sign-up forms are below.

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We’re always looking for new members to join the Book Fair Committee. If you are interested in the planning and execution of fairs, getting kids excited about books and reading, or managing particular aspects of the fair, get in touch. 
Come as often and for as long as you can. There is always work, and someone will show you where you can help. It’s a book lover’s or organizing enthusiast’s dream!

Besides sorting help there are more particular roles to be filled. Examples are Signage coordinator (posting and updating signs in neighborhood and at school), Hospitality team (feeding and hydrating volunteers!), Baked goods sale coordinator, Café and Cashier managers, Decorating crew, Supply shoppers … the list goes on! If you have a bit more time to give, or a particular area of interest, you can let us know on the online forms below. And if you’re a bit of an expert (armchair or otherwise) on a particular genre of book, for example teen fiction, adult fiction, French or foreign languages, Science or History, let us know!