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Book Fair is the primary source of funds for the RPPS School Council. In a normal year, this amazing event requires more than 4,000 volunteer hours each year. And we ask for help from every RPPS family.  But this isn’t a normal year.  This summer, we are preparing for a virtual 60th Anniversary of Book Fair in November 2021.  

School and School Board regulations for running the Book Fair event are in the process of being updated.  The Committee will ensure our volunteers are always treated fairly and with respect.  A Book Fair Volunteer Handbook has been created for Summer 2021.

The Book Fair Volunteer Handbook can be found HERE.

All Book Fair Volunteers will need to sign up and agree to our Volunteer Code of Conduct.  The Book Fair Volunteer Sign Up Form can be found here:


As we prepare for changes to the fundraiser, the handbook will be updated.  Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US  should you have any questions about this or if you wish to be part of the transition team working with the school to prepare for a traditional “live” Book Fair in 2022.