Large donations

Drop-offs & pick-ups

If you have a large donation to make, please to arrange a time to drop off your items at Rockcliffe Park Public School.

We greatly prefer scheduled drop-offs, which:

  • allow us to arrange for volunteers to help move and store boxes
  • help prevent overflowing book bins, resulting in fewer wet, mangled and unsellable books

If you cannot drop off the donation yourself, we can arrange a pick-up by our Transportation Team volunteers:

  • for a minimum of four boxes, pre-packed. Donations should be packed flat in sturdy boxes that a single person can carry. (Banana boxes or liquor boxes are best – no plastic bags, please.)
  • for homes within the RPPS boundaries. This includes, roughly, the neighbourhoods of Rockcliffe Park, Lindenlea, New Edinburgh, Sandy Hill and Lowertown. (See OCDSB boundary map.) For other areas, please specify your location in your inquiry email.
  • on weekdays only. We have no access to the school on weekends.
  • at the Transportation Team Co-ordinator’s discretion. We may not have volunteers available or sufficient storage space depending upon the time of year.

Please be considerate of our volunteers

Have your donations packed and ready at the agreed-upon time. If you are home at the time, please have the boxes ready in your garage or by your front door. If you cannot be home, please leave the boxes in a sheltered place, packed such that they cannot get wet.

Familiarize yourself with the items we do and do not accept. Please divert other items to the charity of your choice and recycle unsuitable books and magazines in your black bin. It costs Book Fair both time and money to separate out and recycle or dispose of unsellable items.