Items for Book Fair

Currently we are only collecting good quality books at scheduled book donation drop offs. Refer to our website for days, times and locations.

Book Fair Donation Drop Offs Begin Again!

The book donation bins WILL NOT be open for the summer. Please do not leave any books there. Dumping books outside the school is dangerous and against school policy.

Please do not donate damaged books.  If you wouldn’t buy it in its current condition, don’t donate it.  Our volunteers spend hours culling books and lugging & lifting damaged books into recycle bins.  Please respect their time and their backs!

We DO NOT WANT the following:

– anything that is not a book (games, toys, puzzles, etc)

– encyclopedias, dictionaries,  text books, computer manuals or any manual

– magazines (including Readers Digest)

– DVDs, CDs, LPS, VHS, audio books, etc

– kids workbooks or colouring books that are half filled in

– any book that is not in good shape ( ie ripped pages, water or other damage, creased covers, old and musty).

Please DO NOT donate the above items. This only causes extra work for our volunteers who will need to recycle them or throw them out.

NEED A CURBSIDE PICKUP? If you have a large donations and would like the Book Collection team to pick up from your house directly, please send an email to and indicate # of boxes.

Thank you for your generous support!