Items for Book Fair

We gratefully accept donations of:

  • gently used books in all genres except textbooks and encyclopedias
  • business, travel and technology titles that are no more than three years old
  • gently used magazines except Reader’s Digest
  • gently used board games and puzzles (i.e., complete with all pieces)
  • CDs and DVDs
  • vinyl records

In all cases, donations should be in good condition, with no mildew, water or smoke damage. Ask yourself: “Would I pay a dollar for this item?” If not, recycle it at home.

PLEASE do not dump books – even in boxes or bags – outside the Book Bins. Bad weather can destroy your donations, and books left out tempt vandals and violate fire codes. If the bins are full, please hang on to your donation and try another day – we empty the bins regularly.

If you have a very large volume of books, please drop us a line: info [at] We’ll do our best to arrange either a pickup or a time for you to drop off your donations at the school.