Items for Book Fair

The RPPS Book Bins are now CLOSED until Spring 2017.

Please consider directing your donations to:

  • Twice Upon a Time via Books on Beechwood – 35 Beechwood Ave. (Up to 20 children’s books.)
  • The Rockcliffe Park Public Library (During business hours only)
  • The May Court Library at the Ottawa Hospital – 501 Smyth Rd. (At the Info Desk)
  • St. Vincent de Paul – 1272 Wellington St. W.

When the Book Bins reopen, we will gratefully accept donations of:

  • gently used books in all genres except textbooks and encyclopedias
  • gently used magazines except Reader’s Digest
  • gently used board games and puzzles (i.e., complete with all pieces)
  • CDs and DVDs
  • vinyl records