60th Anniversary Celebrations

We are preparing to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Book Fair the week of November 15-19, 2021.  It won’t look the same, won’t be in person, but we have planned a few great ways to celebrate safely.

Please consider joining us at one of our meetings (via Google Meet) to FIND OUT MORE

You can email us at any time info@rockcliffeparkpsbookfair.com.

We have prepared a newsletter on Book Fair’s 60 year history and you’ll find it here.

A list of jobs we still need help with this year can be found HERE.

You might start to hear the kids talk about it as we’re trying to muster some excitement for the events that will take place during Book Fair week!

Rockcliffe Park Book Fair Storytelling Series

Book Fair has a rich history of offering author and storyteller workshops (you can find out more here:  Rockcliffe Park Storytelling Series Presented by the Ottawa Children’s Festival de la jeunesse).  This year the series will be offered virtually and other schools will be invited to attend.  SEE THE VIDEO HERE!


We are very grateful to Sezllik.com and the Ottawa Children’s Festival de la jeunesse for sponsoring this series so it can be offered to RPPS students, and other invited schools, free of charge.  Visit Sezlik.com for the latest listings.  and OttawaChildrensFestival.ca to find out about their Mini-Festival of the Arts taking place November 19-21, 2021 at the Canada War Museum.

Rolling Class Book Shops

Every year, during the set up for the in person sale, classes are invited to come and buy a book from selections chosen especially for them.  The cost is only $1.00.  This year the Class Book Shops will be on wheels!  The school  librarian, Cilina, will take the cart from class to class during Book Fair week and the kids can buy a book.  We will have a donation jar (contactless) for them to put money in so please have your child bring a loonie to school that week.  We will not be able to make change.  Each child will only be permitted to buy one book.  Please note that if your child forgets their loonie (or loses it) they will still get a book!  All money raised will go towards the Storytelling Series.

Virtual Book Sale

We will hold a virtual book sale through the School Council online store from November 15 – 29.  Details will be made available in the coming weeks.

Book Fair Swag Sale – I ❤️ Book Fair!

We will be selling Book Fair Swag through the School Council shop.  T-shirts and reusable bags with the I ❤️ Book Fair logo on them.

Great Christmas gifts!  Details will be made available in the coming weeks.

Book Fair Traditions

There are many Book Fair traditions that won’t take place this year.  One of our favourites is when the entire school gets together in front of the main entrance to Queen Juliana Hall and we officially open Book Fair.  The kids sing the school song and a dignitary cuts the ribbon.  You can check out the newsletter, mentioned above, for the names of people who have opened Book Fair in the past.   There are also pictures in our Gallery.

You can listen to the RPPS School Song here.  And lyrics can be found here.

Thank you for supporting Book Fair and we look forward to seeing you, in person, in 2022.